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Railway Empire Rumbles onto the PS4 Today

It’s time to sharpen that business acumen and master the art of rolling over your competition in Railway Empire. The rail tycoon simulator from Kalypso Media is available January 26 in the UK and North America on the 30th. The retail hard copy contains a digital copy of the game’s soundtrack, panoramic poster, and a printed manual for us old school gamers.

If you’ve ever wanted to conquer 19th century North America, here is your chance. Establish a railroad from coast to coast while dealing with cutthroat competitors. Hire and fire your own staff, while racing over 40 historically accurate locomotives across a massive detailed game world. You can even raid your rival tycoons or commit industrial espionage to stay one step ahead.

Check out the release trailer up above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Kalypso Press Release

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