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2D Artillery/RTS Cannon Brawl Coming to PS4 August 2nd

Turtle Sandbox and BlitWorks have proudly announced Cannon Brawl is coming to PlayStation 4. In this game, you pilot an airship with the goal of capturing gold mines while building cannons, lasers, and flamethrowers to defeat your enemies. The campaign mode has twenty missions in five different settings and the multiplayer will feature local and online multiplayer modes. It combines the skilled play of 2D artillery games (think Worms) with the fast-paced real time strategy genre.

“Cannon Brawl is the game we’ve always wished existed,” said Peter Angstadt, cofounder of Turtle Sandbox.  “It combines two compelling game mechanics, with explosively fun results.”

Cannon Brawl drops August 2nd on the PlayStation 4. A trailer has also been released commemorating the announcement. You have to stop your dastardly uncle from taking over your father’s kingdom. But be careful because he’s attacking you in real-time! We found it funny.

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Turtle Sandbox Press Release

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