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3DS Game UnHoly Heights Making Its Way to PlayStation 4s in North America

What is Unholy Heights you ask? Well only a tower defense game mixed with a management simulator combined with a plot to take over the world! You run an apartment complex for the creepies and crawlies of the night. You’ll attract new monster tenants, watch them work, and even have kids and fall in love. Just make sure to keep them happy with upgrades and new amenities.

However, there’s just the pesky problems of humans attacking your compound. As the manager you are after all trying to take over the world with your monstrous army in an apartment complex. Knock on their doors, acquire them for battle, and outnumber and outsmart the do-goody humans. In other worlds kill them. The tiny monster children should enjoy that.

Unholy Heights is set to release on September 13th on the PlayStation 4 for $6.99. There will be a launch discount though for $5.24 so grab it while you can. After all the title has won a handful of Indie Stream Awards.

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Teyon Press Release

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