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A Way Out Director Starts Work on Next Project

A Way Out

Josef Fares is not a man who sits on his laurels. The director of A Way Out has tweeted today that work is underway on his next project despite the co-op prison break game being little over a week old.

Fares enthusiastically took to the social media site to share the news with his followers. He wrote, “Today is officially the start of the next game and I’m INCREDIBLY exited!!!!!! I love making videogames and can’t wait to show it!”

Obviously, with it being early doors, he didn’t go into any further detail. But if we dissect the previous releases, which also includes Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, we can identify a running theme – a tendency to include a double perspective. We would assume that the next title would follow suit but you never know, we may be in for a surprise!

Stay tuned for further updates.

Have you found the exit in A Way Out? Or are you a lifer? Pitch for parole in the comment box below.


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