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Accounting+ Scores a Free Waterpark Update and a Free Theme, Available to Download Now

There’s a brand new update today for Accounting+ on PS4/PSVR. The best part is that the update is completely free while adding new content. That’s a winner in our books.

The Waterpark update brings, as you may have guessed, a brand new Waterpark level. It also brings an extra treat in the form of a free theme for your PlayStation 4 dashboard. Again, a winner in our books.

The update isn’t particularly huge as it comes in at around 350MB. Again, a winner. And there’s a short trailer above. Not all that interesting, but we’ll call it a winner anyway because we like consistency here at Pure PlayStation.

Will you be getting your hands wet in the Waterpark level for Accounting+, or have you already purged the game from your hard drive to make room for new games? Maybe you need a larger hard drive…


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