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Adult Swim Games Announces Their Next Title; Rain World

Adult Swim Games are known for their goofy and aloof video game experiences. That may all change with Rain World however. It’s a survival platformer that takes place in a post-apocalyptic land where even the rain can kill. You play as a slugcat who gets separated from his family (think An American Tail) and must venture out into a mysterious industrial wasteland. Stealth, wit, well-timed jumps, and avoiding certain nasty predators will be your keys to success. Of course, the rain will also hamper you as well.

Over 1600 hundred rooms across twelve different regions will be traversable when this hits PlayStation 4s on March 28th. Pre-orders open today for Europe and March 14th for North America. You can check out the title’s launch trailer above.

Rain World is being developed by Adult Swim Games, a developer known for quirky titles like Robot Unicorn Attack and Headlander. Both of which have received mostly positive reviews. Hit us up in the comments if you’re excited about this new direction the devs are taking!

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Adult Swim Games Press Release

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