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Agony’s Red Goddess Throws One Hell of a Party

Agony drops your soul into Hell’s depths with no memories of your past and the ability to possess others. The only way to escape is to meet the Red Goddess, but who is she? What are her hobbies or favorite Harry Potter title? From what we can tell, her hobbies are having demons worship her and adding blood to everything. For books, she is probably a Clive Barker fan. Sorry, boy and girl wizards everywhere.

The latest Agony trailer is a CGI feast for a horror fan’s eyes. The vision of the Red Goddess is one of pain, surrounded by misshapen fiends from the pit, and discarded pieces of humans unlucky enough to cross her path. It has a Martha Stewart meets Marilyn Manson vibe with a pinch of 90s Nine Inch Nails thrown in, if it was all filmed on the ship from Event Horizon. That’s a tough look to pull off, but she (nine inch) nailed it. (Yeah, that was terrible.)

Agony is a survival horror game with a very visceral sense of of horror. It is coming to the PS4 sometime this year, but we cannot find a solid release date. IGN is showing March 30th, but the developer and publisher sites still show 2017. We will be keeping an eye on this one, and be sure to bring you more gruesome details when they are available.

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