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Alex Ward Teases Burnout Successor

A little while ago we got confirmation about Three Fields Entertainment working on a spiritual successor to Burnout. For those that don’t know, the co-founders of Three Fields were the creators of the Burnout series back at Criterion. Alex Ward was one such person. Today he tweeted that work was being done on pickups for the first time in twelve years.

He was of course referring to Burnout 3: Takedown that was released in 2004. Not many details are known about the project outside of this article, but we here at Pure PlayStation can’t wait for it. Any of you have fond Burnout memories? Did you collect the P12 Diamond in Burnout Paradise like this author? Let us know!

Kyle lives and breathes PlayStation. Ever since the Crash Bandicoot days of old to the *insert current popular game here* of new. If you want a useless factoid about any PlayStation game, Kyle will gleefully provide.
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