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April’s PS Plus Games Are Free to Download Right Now

This month’s PlayStation Plus update has been much better received than the previous few, that’s for sure. This month’s offerings sees Ubisoft’s Zombi take a shuffle on PS4 as well as the fast and frantic online shooter Dead Star, both of which are available to download on PS4 at this very moment, providing you’re a PS Plus member.

For PS3 players there’s another Ubisoft title with I Am Alive, then there’s Savage Moon. PlayStation Vita players will get themselves A Virus Named TOM and Shutsumi. It’s worth mentioning that Shutsumi is actually available on PS4, too, so that’s three games you’ve got for your premium home console. Sweeeeet.

Has this month’s update made up for the previous few month’s, or are you still unhappy with what’s being offered? Vent your frustration down in the comments section below.


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