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Ark v257 Patch Brings Giant Bees; Nicholas Cage Refuses to Play Ark

So, in the interest of full disclosure, we are not 100% on Nicholas Cage refusing to play Ark due to giant bees, but his lawyers have asked us to stop sending him old memes from his movies. What we can say with certainty is that the newest update for Ark is live on the PS4, and it contains some new goodies.

Version 257 adds four new creatures. Beyond the bees, there is a Liopleurodon that will allow you to cruise under water. There is a Kentrosaurus that looks like a smaller stegosaurus, and a Daeodon, which has earned the nickname, “Hell Pigs”.

The game adds some new music, TEK gear, and structures, and we have pasted the full notes for you to read as you wait for the update to download.

  • Structure: Tek Cloning Chamber – Spend some shards, get a clone, with the level, appearance and stats, of your favorite creatures
  • Structure: Tek Megalodon Saddle – Mount up! Now your prehistoric shark has a laser-firing saddle!
  • Structure: Tek Turret – An enhanced Auto Turret with more damage and a better targeting AI. What more could you need?
  • Weapon: Tek Grenade – Did someone say “sticky grenades”? Put ’em on your friends (or not!)
  • TEK Cave & Volcano – The Volcano finally receives its long overdue, scorching redesign – and now leads to the entrance to the TEK Cave.
  • “Ascension” Game Progression
  • More UI overhauls
  • New Hairstyle and Facial Hair
  • Approximately 20+ New Explorer Notes
  • 15 new music tracks, per-biome and situational
  • Alpha Megalodon and APEX Loot for all Alpha creatures!

Ark always manages to look great in the trailers. If you are playing, should we pick this up, and what is the coolest thing you have seen in the game?

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Studio Wildcard Press Release

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