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Assassins Creed Origins’ First Trials of the Gods Starts Today

Assassin’s Creed Origins boasts a hearty selection of online functionality. You name it, it has it: microtransactions, daily quests, revenge missions. But Ubisoft has now announced it will be introducing a range of events, dubbed Trials of the Gods, and thus extending its Egyptian offering. Even if they will be time sensitive.

Trials of the Gods will take all of the skills and tricks you learned in Assassin’s Creed Origins and put them to the ultimate test. Your feeble biceps will be of little use; strategy is the name of the game.

Your first trial will take place against Anubis. Now, for any of our readers who are a little shaky on their Egyptian Gods, this one is not a good starting place. Our man Anubis is God of the Dead. We guess that’s how he’d like us: dead. And the deader the better. *gulp*

This deity, who has the head of a jackal, comes about from a glitch in the Animus, and is ready and waiting to guide Bayek to the afterlife. Better defeat the blighter first, then. He will be waiting from today, November 7th, until November 14th.

As for getting there, the challenge will be marked on your map. Once you reach the location, a beam of light will mark whereabouts the glitch is, which is where the battle will be. If you manage to beat the beast, it will not be in vain. A victory will mean you bag yourself a piece of god-themed gear, exclusive to the Trials. You will not need to be a one hit wonder, though, as you get unlimited bites at the cherry. But only one piece of loot will be unlocked per Trial. And if you happen to miss a God, do not worry as they will be making another appearance sometime in the future.

If you manage to secure all four weapons, your collection will be complemented by an exclusive legendary outfit, which will be added automatically.

Future Trials of the Gods will appear on your map, so keep your eyes peeled. Good luck, warrior. We believe in you.

Trials of the Gods


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