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Atlus Slips Free Controller Skin in Persona 5 Standard Edition

Everyone wants a little extra something for free when they buy a game, and Atlus has heard your cries. Is it not a weapon that is not strong enough to kill the cute fuzzy bunnies five minutes into the game, making you wonder why you bothered to type in the code. Instead, it is a more long-lasting memento of your time with the Phantom Thieves.

In specially-marked boxes of the PS4 standard version of the game, you will find a free controller skin. The newest video reveals the last minute addition, while the very excited Erika Harlacher (voice of Ann Takamaki) applies it to the controller. She also starred in a let’s play video with her own character earlier this week.

This is a nice move by Atlus for people who do not want to or cannot spend the extra money for the more expensive limited editions, and it ties into the extremely stylish vision for the game. This also seems like a smart business decision. Gamers can celebrate thier favorites games, and companies can put advertising in front of those gamers for almost nothing.

Check out the controller wrap for yourself, and let us know if this is something you would like to see from more of your favorite games.

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Atlus Press Release

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