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Attack, Sneak, or Slow Time in Past Cure

A new developer video is available for Past Cure. Focusing on combat in a parking garage, you can use the abilities of the main character, Ian, to eliminate the guards and the cameras. Although you can run in with your guns blazing, it is not the most interesting way.

Ian has had some work done. After a series of military experiments and torture in secret prisons, he has developed some unique powers. He can use astral projection to view the position of guards to stealthily kill them. He can also use it to take out the security cameras in the area.

Another ability allows him to slow down time in a way that reminds us of Max Payne. You can use it to sneak up and kill an enemy quickly, or you can use it to line up the perfect head shot to save ammo.

Eventually, your little collection of bodies in a level is going to attract attention. Bullets will be limited, but melee is a completely viable alternative to being a hitman version of Professor X. Based on what we can see in the video, you can still slow time for your own version of the Matrix.

Past Cure puts Ian on the trail of the people who imprisoned him. Aided by his brother, he pursues them for answers and revenge. His fancy powers are nice, but he sees hallucinations and becomes a little more unhinged the more he uses them.

Help Ian keep his sanity and find his answers when the game releases on February 2nd for £29.99/$29.99/€29.99.


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