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Attend the Chocobo Carnival in Your Magitek Suit in July’s Final Fantasy XV Update

Square Enix managed to squeeze in under the wire for their July update, and it brings some welcome additions. Starting today, the Chocobo Carnival is back in town, and you and your band of studly BFFs are invited. It will last through September, and you only need to download the free Holiday Pack for entry.

You will also have access to a fancy Magitek Exosuit for 30 minutes of invulnerability a day. This should help you fight some of the more troublesome creatures you find, and everyone loves a man in uniform.

Finally, there is a new way to link your team’s attacks. The Cross Chain system will increase the linked attacks to increase the damage on anyone or anything foolish enough to try to come between you and your bros.

The July update is available now.


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