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Avoid Your Grisly Demise in Death Mark

Death Mark is looking to scare you to…well death. Arriving on October 31st, the game tells of the mysterious deaths in H City in Tokyo. If you have a certain mark on your body, you are cursed to die. It looks like a scar from a dog bite and lets you know your days are numbered. You have the mark, but you have lost your memories. In order to put off your death, you travel to a creepy house that may keep you from dying, or it may be filled with things that kill you.

Death Mark is an adventure horror game. As you keep on trying to live another day, you will need to search for clues. Information is power, and power keeps you from the grave. It also helps you understand how to beat the thing that gave you the deadly tattoo. If you win the wrong way, it might be worse than death. Since investigating isn’t enough, you will eventually need to fight a ghost or two.

If you want a physical copy of Death Mark, there is a limited edition available. It includes the game, a 96 page art book, a CD with the soundtrack, two temporary tattoos of the mark, and a printed slip case.

Check out the trailer for some scares, and be ready remove the curse of the Death Mark when it arrives on Halloween.

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