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Baja: Edge of Control Remaster Hitting Digital and Retail Shelves in Q2 2017

Baja: Edge of Control was one of those PS3 games that got lost by the wayside. Gamers either hated it or tolerated it and was overshadowed by the likes of the Motorstorm series. The latter problem will at least be fixed thanks to the off-road racer getting a remaster for current-gen consoles.

For the most part the core game will remain the same, but there are a few major improvements and features for Baja: Edge of Control HD. There will be much improved graphics to include better textures, higher framerate, increased details, and 4K compatibility, improved rendering techniques for shadows, lighting and dust effects, improved car controls and user interface, and a few new environments.

THQ Nordic is the company behind the remaster and its upgrades. They also revealed that Baja: Edge of Control HD will drop on the PlayStation 4 sometime in Q2 2017, both digitally and physically. Hit us up in the comments on what you thought about the original, 2008 Baja racing title. Did you enjoy it or looking to give it another chance with the remaster? Let us know!

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