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Bandit 6: Combined Arms Drops for PSVR on 4/19

Strap on that headset and hop into the tail gunner seat of a WWII bomber in Climax Studios’ Bandit 6: Combined arms. From the beaches of Britain, to the not-so-fun in the sun of the South Pacific, to the snowy ruins of Stalingrad, you’ll face the enemy’s deadliest aerial weapons. As part of the greatest generation and armed with your machine guns, mortars and cannons, you’ll fight across land, sea and air.  No pressure, soldier, but it’s your job to bring home the victory as you face waves of fighter pilots, helicopters, tanks and more.

The acclaimed title from the Portsmouth, England based Climax Studios, offers a lengthy campaign, featuring 42 missions and full list of trophies to hunt. We here at Pure PlayStation have heard nothing but good things about Bandit 6, and we are excited to bring you our review as soon as we can.

Are you tired of having to fly the plane AND shoot all of the bad guys? Us too. Take a load off and tell us how overworked you are in the comments below. 


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