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Batman Remaster Collection Delayed on PS4, No New Release Date

We’re not really surprised to be tapping this article out to be honest, as since Warner Bros. announced the Batman remaster collection – Batman: Return to Arkham – the publisher has been deadly silent about the upcoming release.

That’s because it’s not coming anytime soon. Warner Bros. announced on its forums today that the team at Virtuous Games will be taking more time on the remaster after the progress was reviewed by the publisher. As it stands, the collection no longer has a solid release date, though we expect Warner Bros. will probably wait until the festive season to release the game; failing that, a February/March release to see us over the dry months.

It’s a shame, really, as we were looking forward to getting back into Batman’s adventures, though it’s probably for the best as the remaster did look a little rough when Warner Bros. presented it to the public.

Was this on your to-buy list, or was it always going to be one that you’d wait to hit the bargain bin? Lurk into the comments section below.

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