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Battlezone Update Offers New Levels, Difficulty Settings, An Enemy, A Weapon, And Bobbleheads

In a gaming world filled with paid DLC, Rebellion released another free update for Battlezone on March 14th.  The update includes two new difficulty levels, environments, an enemy, a weapon, and bobbleheads.

The free update offers an easy mode as well as an extreme difficulty mode. According to Sinan Kubba, Marketing and Community at Rebellion, via PlayStation Blog, “Extreme is such a massive challenge that we’re rewarding those mighty enough to beat it with a new Trophy, as well as three new tank loadouts—though you’ll have to beat it three times to earn each loadout!”

There are two new missions called King of the Hill and Conquest.  Also, the new environments are, Kubba stated, “all swimming in lava, so you might imagine when you’ll start seeing them (Hint:  near the end!).”

The new enemy is a red jet that flies over top of the environments and tanks, but Kubba warned, “you don’t want to be on the wrong side of its machine gun!”  He further stated, “To balance things we’ve added a brand new weapon to your arsenal, and it’s a bit of a monster!”  This weapon is called the railgun and will require the player to charge a shot before releasing the devastation.

Outside of gameplay and environments, Rebellion also released more bobbleheads that can be purchased from PlayStation Store and placed around the inside of your tank.  The most notable bobblehead is based on Rebellion’s PS2 game Rogue Trooper and was created to go hand in hand with their Rogue Trooper Redux for PS4 announcement.

This free update offers a lot of new gameplay features and adds on to the other free updates that came before.  In case anyone missed them, the other updates offered aspects like Classic Mode, which allows the player to view and play the game using visuals from Battlezone’s 1980 arcade release.  Previous updates also offered new maps and environments.

Does this update make you want to jump back into a tank and blast your way through some new levels?  If so leave a comment below.

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