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Be a Giant God When Reus Comes to PS4 Next Month

Developer Abbey Games and publisher SOEDESCO made it clear, earlier in the year, that they were looking to bring REUS to console but weren’t sure when. Now we know their indie hit game will finally hit PlayStation 4s on October 11th of this year. In REUS you play as four giants who each have a unique way of shaping and evolving the planet. If done correctly you can create wonderful human civilizations that thrive with wildlife. If done improperly you expect your citizens to become spoiled, greedy, and war hungry.

REUS has enjoyed tremendous success on PC and console players have been waiting to get their hands on it. We are thrilled to finally introduce REUS to console players,” said Hans van Brakel, Executive Manager at SOEDESCO. “The game is a great fit for console, and players can really delve into their planets to create unique civilizations.”

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