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Bethesda’s Game of Thrones Leaked With Concept Art Images (Updated)

Update: Well, bollocks. Turns out they’re a bunch of fakey fakes. Don’t get too excited. It’s all just been a ruse by some internet bellend. 

A week or so ago it was rumoured that Bethesda was working on a game related to Game of Thrones.

The leak came by way of an online retailer, so we didn’t really take it all that seriously. However, that changes today as a huge leak has spilled the beans on Bethesda’s unannounced Game of Thrones game.

The leak comes in the form of loads of work-in-progress images and concept art that can be seen here on Imgur. (via NeoGaf)

At the moment nothing has been confirmed by the publisher, but if we were to hazard a guess then we’d say there’s a good chance this leak and it’s images are genuine.




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