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Black Friday Bargains Galore With Spider-Man PS4 Bundles and PSVR Kits for $199

Black Friday is always a busy time for retailers, but big stores selling games consoles will be especially busy this year.

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy have all revealed their Black Friday deals ahead of time, confirming that consumers will be able to pick up some sweet hardware at rock bottom prices.

There’s a Spider-Man PS4 bundle going for $199, as well as a PSVR headset bundle that includes the remarkable Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, also for $199.

For those who haven’t already marked their calendar and booked the day off work/planned a sicky, Black Friday is on November 23rd this year. So if you’ve not yet gotten yourself a PS4 or PSVR, this is the best time to do so. Seriously, $199 for a PSVR? I paid double that just 2 years ago!

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