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Black & White Bushido Coming to PS4; Wants You to Play Hide & Seek With Swords

Black & White Bushido, a PC and 2D brawler game, is coming to the PlayStation 4 next month. There is no specific date other than September. As the title suggests this game injects hide and seek with razor sharp samurai swords. Each map is divided into monochrome sections where Team Light and Team Shadow battle it out. The factions can completely disappear once they’re surrounded by their color and look to defeat the enemy with an unsuspecting attack.

The console version will add online multiplayer, new difficulty levels, and gameplay and graphical enhancements. There will be five arenas to engage in, three game modes (capture the flag, deathmatch, training) and four player local/online multiplayer. Not to mention a single player challenge mode. Black & White Bushido will cost £6.99.

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