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Borderlands 3 is Coming, Easter Eggs to Be Found in Battleborn’s DLC

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software has confirmed today during a panel at PAX East that the studio is indeed working on Borderlands 3. There aren’t many details at the moment as everything is still coming through, but we do know that Mikey Neumann is back on for writing duties with the new game.

Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford also mentioned that we can expect to see some Borderlands 3 easter eggs hidden within the studio’s upcoming Battleborn. However, according to Pitchford there’s easter eggs hidden within Battleborn’s DLC. Fair play to the guy, that’s one way of getting people to buy DLC…

Would you be tempted by another Borderlands, or have you had your fill of the RPG shooter? Has the tease of easter eggs within Battleborn’s DLC got you riled up, or has it made the DLC more appealing? Give us a shout down below.



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