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Brag About Graphical Superiority in Latest Moonlighter Trailer

We often see trailers and watch Digital Foundry videos comparing a game’s performance across multiple platforms. For its upcoming release, the team behind Moonlighter has already done all the work. They painstakingly show you the hair rendering, water simulation, and physics performance across all platforms.

And it’s all the same.

The trailer is a good-natured look at these comparisons. No matter your platform of choice, the pixelated game will look and run the same. The developers end the video with the reasoning, “Because we love you all the same”. It’s a fun trailer, and we hope that sense of humor shows up in the game.

Moonlighter is a rogue-lite, action RPG about a shop owner who spends his nights passing through mystical gates to fight monsters and find sweet loot. The daytime is spent helping customers buy the merchandise he acquires. His true dream is to be a hero, but having your own business is not a bad career if that doesn’t work.

Moonlighter will release on May 29th.

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Press Release from 11 bit Studios

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