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Bust Some Caps in Criminals in RICO

With a premise reminiscent of some of the greatest vigilante cop movies, RICO focuses on a renegade cop with 24 hours to crack a case and defeat a criminal organization. This FPS is procedurally generated, and it is about the moment after you kick down a door. The game will slow down, so you can try to shoot everyone in the room in a way that still puts a smile on John Woo’s face.

The art style looks like it is modeled after the television show, Archer, or a cleaner, pre-apocalyptic version of the Borderlands universe. The bullets are flying through the air and huge amounts of blood are exploding out from where the target is hit. You can take down the bad guys alone or with a friend, so make it rain lead.

Turn your gun sideways, check out the trailer, and let us know if RICO is stirring your inner Dirty Harry.

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