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Butcher, The Brutally Hard 2D Shooter Is Coming To The PS4

Butcher, developed by Transhuman Design – the studio behind Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold, is an ultra violent love-letter to the 2D side-scrollers from our youth. Gone are the grappling hooks and laser rifles, replaced with chainsaws, meat hooks, lava pits, grenade launchers, wild animals…well, you get the idea. It’s brutal. In fact, it revels in its brutality, and you can tell by watching the trailer that you’re going to die…a lot, and in disgustingly awesome ways.

Set to release in the second quarter of 2017, you’ll play as a cyborg programmed to eradicate the last remains of humanity. So in other words, you kill things…all of the things, anything that moves, in fact. So grab your chainsaw or shotgun and spray blood your way through post-apocalyptic cities, underground bunkers, jungles and where ever else you smell the sweet aroma of human meat.

If we haven’t yet articulated the amount of brutality that this classic 2D shooter has to offer, then consider this list of the Butcher’s main features from the official press release:

  • Ultra-violent uncompromising carnage in the spirit of Doom and Quake (chainsaw included)
  • Release your inner artist, paint the walls with (permanent) blood (up to 4 million pixels available to be painted per level)
  • Use the environment (saws, hooks, lava pits, animals and other) to brutally dispose of your enemies
  • Put your reflex and patience to the ultimate test
  • Choose from an array of weapons (featuring classics like chainsaw, railgun and the deadly grenade launcher)
  • Soak in the dark atmosphere reinforced by a wicked, heavy soundtrack (while you kick corpses around)
  • Die painfully: melt in lava, become piranha food, get crushed by heavy doors… and more!
  • Absolutely no mercy for anyone!

You had me at “Wicked, heavy soundtrack”!

Is this impossibly hard, uber-violent game just the kind of stress relief you need after a long day at school or work, or should we schedule another appointment with the therapist? Lie down and tell us how you feel about this in the comments below.




When Jeremy isn’t writing books or playing video games, he’s living his life one random movie references at a time.

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