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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare “Continuum” DLC Pack Coming Tuesday

If you are tiring of the old DLC maps, you will only have to wait until April 18th for a second helping of new maps. You know the drill, soldier. In the new “Continuum” DLC pack, you will receive four new maps and a new map for the zombie mode. It will come to the PS4 first, and it will be the standard price of $14.99.

The new maps are Turista, Scrap, Archive, and Excess. Turista is set at a fancy resort with the remains of a giant animal skeleton in the background. Nothing says vacation to us quite like bleached bones. Going back to space, you can shoot up angry twelve-year-olds (will that joke or reality ever die?) in a lunar junkyard. The trailer shows someone sniping another player while they are hanging upside down from an electromagnet, and that is James Bond cool.

Archive is the third map, and it is set in an art gallery. There is a giant shark’s head coming out of the floor, and we imagine the amount of bodies that will eventually be respawning from that chokepoint will be somewhat symbolic. Excess is the final new map, and it is set in a luxurious penthouse. This map is a revamped version of Rust from Modern Warfare 2, so it may feel like going home for some of you.

The new zombie mode is Shaolin Shuffle, but the trailer only mentions it at the end. We are hoping that means it will receive its own video, because the b-movie concept behind the zombie levels has been really creative. If not, think of it as the bonus you receive for buying the multiplayer maps.

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