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You Can Download Moss PSVR Demo and More From Free on PSN

Howdy ho, PSVR people, there’s some big news coming in today. There’s a new demo disc available on the PlayStation Store (remember when they were actually discs?) that brings a whole bunch of new PSVR demos for players to try before buying.

What’s really special is that there are a few demos for games that aren’t even out yet. Yes, that’s actually a weird thing in this day and age. Back in the day, demos were out before the game. Anyway, we’ll stop our moaning about the glory days and plonk the list of demos down below. Note: Games with an asterisk next to them require PS Move controllers to function. No PS Move, no play.

EVE: Valkyrie
Star Child
The Persistence
Tiny Trax
Dino Frontier *
Fantastic Contraption *
Job Simulator *
Raw Data *
Rez Infinite *

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