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Castlestorm for PSVR Launches August 1st, Here’s a Look at the Game in Action

We’re always happy to see more games for the PSVR, even if they are ports of previously non-VR releases, as is the case with Castlestorm VR.

This author actually had a really good time with Castlestorm on the PS Vita, so there’s sure to be hours of time-wasting to be had with the PSVR re-release which is due out this August 1st.

Whether it’s game that will really benefit from the conversion to VR is something we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves, but in the meantime there’s a brand new trailer showing off the game running on PSVR.

Will you be dipping your nose into this one, or are you put-off by the fact it’s an old game being re-worked for VR? Fire your flaming arrows of wisdom down in the comments section below.

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