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Caveman Warriors Beats Aliens to Death on PS4 This September 22nd; Moobs and Monobrows Galore in Live Action Trailer

Caveman Warriors is set to release this September 22nd on PS4, as announced today by Spanish developer JanduSoft. To drum up a bit of business the team behind the game has produced and released a live action trailer which you can see above. Fair warning: there’s a bit of man boob and a lot of monobrow action. Just in case someone walks in and wonders what you’re watching…

Caveman Warriors is something of a Kickstarter success story having met its funding goal – though it was only $10,000 – and is confirmed to release. Shame we can’t say the same about some other Kickstarted games…

JanduSoft describes Caveman Warriors as an “epic multiplayer adventure” where players can team up with up to three buddies to save the world from the invading aliens. You can also play solo, too, but after having watched some gameplay it looks like it’ll probably be better with a few friends in tow.


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