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CD Projekt Red Is Strongly In the Black

According to financial statements released a few days ago, the first half of the year was very good for The Witcher developer, giving them a $1 billion dollar value on the Polish stock market. Outside of continuing sales on The Witcher 3, profits from also boosted the company’s bottom line. For those of you who love financial reports (seriously, get yourself checked out by a medical professional), you can read the full financial statements here.

In the second quarter alone, “CD Projekt Red drew in 319 million PLN ($82 million) in revenue, and saw net profits of 134,7 million PLN ($34.7 million)., CD Projekt Red’s game sales platform, brought in 69 million PLN ($17 million).” They will continue to make more investments in their GOG GALAXY gaming platform, begin distributing games in China, and, of course, to continue working on Cyberpunk 2077. (Maybe we will get a release date for next year’s E3?)

We loved The Witcher 3, and we are really glad to see that the developer is doing so well. It will ultimately mean more great games for us, and that is something that does not require a financial spreadsheet and a team of accountants to determine.

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