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CEO Andrew House Leaving Sony Interactive Entertainment at the End of the Year

After 27 years at Sony, CEO, Director, and Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, will be leaving the company. When he took over for Kaz Hirai in 2011, he had big shoes to fill, and he managed to launch the PS4. Becoming the highest selling console of this generation is not a bad way to leave a company.

His replacement will be John Kodera. He has been with the company for 25 years, and has been working with House since he took over Sony Network Entertainment in 2013. He will be a critical person for PlayStation’s future. The PS4 is doing well, and the PS5 is obviously in development with a release date in a few years.

When talking about his upcoming priorities, he said “I intend to build on the amazing progress Andy has made enhancing the PlayStation brand and expanding the game and network services business, and will strive to further strengthen the unique value proposition we are able to offer via the PlayStation platform.”

We do not know where Andrew House will be going after ending his career with PlayStation, but he left on a classy note. When reflecting on his time, he remarked, “I shall always treasure the friendships and people that have made SIE such a wonderful place to work. I’m also grateful to PlayStation fans and gamers around the world for their loyalty and support. John [Kodera] and the team at SIE are world-class and I know the future of PlayStation is very bright.”

We wish Andrew House the best, and we look forward to seeing how John Kodera will change and improve the future.


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