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Change the Weather to Uncover the Truth in Seasons After Fall

In Seasons After Fall, you must guide a wild fox through the forest to learn more about the Guardians. In order to pierce these mysteries, you must solve puzzles by changing the season. In Spring, the rains will raise the water. In winter, you can freeze a waterfall and walk over it. Summer causes plants to grow, and mushrooms grow in the fall, allowing you climb.

The game is gorgeous with the color tones changing to fit your chosen season. The hand-painted art style is really impressive, and there is a depth to the game’s visuals. Check out the trailer to see the game in motion.

We would love to be able to change the weather at will, though, fair warning, it would probably be more winter than anything else. It could become so bad that you might have to have some kids from a wardrobe force us to stop.

Seasons After Fall will spring onto the PS4 on May 16th.

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