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Check out the First 27 Minutes of Rime

We are becoming more interested in Rime, as the information slowly seeps out. Once again, IGN has the exclusive on Rime by providing the first 27 minutes of gameplay. The game’s art style is soft and fluid with plenty of color, and the world is alive. It looks like something that could have come from Team Ico.

Without any dialogue, it is tough to say what kind of story the game will have, but our hearts have been stolen by these deceptively simple games in the past. Even though we only have a fraction of the game, we will be watching closely as it nears its release in May.

Jason became terminally addicted to videogames after receiving the NES at an early age. This addiction grew to include PC gaming and was cemented with the launch of the PS2. From then on, he was afflicted with epic RPGs, tense shooters, and deep strategy games, never becoming skillful, but never able to quit. He continues to play games (poorly) and share his passion for them to anyone willing to listen.
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