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Check Out The Impressive Trailer for Theseus, Out This Summer For PS VR

It looks like things are finally heating up for us patient PlayStation VR users. With the recent release of Starblood Arena, Star Trek Bridge Crew, and Farpoint with the awesome Aim Controller, it seems we are finally turning the corner on those “VR experiences” and “Proofs of concept”. Don’t get me wrong, some of the puzzle games and static or on-rail shooters have been fun, but the lack of genuine first person shooters or action RPG’s with full locomotion have long been the giant-sized elephants in the room. With Impulse Gear’s Farpoint, we have our first person shooter, and now, it appears that developer Forge Reply is attempting to bring us that action RPG.

The game is called Theseus, and it’s about the Greek hero of the same name. If you happen to be an expert in the field of Greek Mythology, then you already know Theseus’s story, but as Samuele Perseo, Producer at Forge Reply explains:

Do not be tricked by what you may know of the original myth. Our take on this tale is dark and twisted. It begins as something familiar, but what happens as you delve deep inside the labyrinth… It is for you to discover.”

Samuele’s vagueness aside, the title looks to be off to a great start. In fact, this Pure PlayStation writer got a taste of what awaits players with a 360 degree video provided by the company. It highlights maybe the most interesting aspect of the game: the fact that it’s in 3rd person perspective, eschewing the traditional first person perspective favored by most VR developers. As anyone who has played Robot Rescue VR can attest, 3rd person can work and thrive in the virtual reality space. If this sounds like the type of VR experience you’ve been dying to try, pop on the old headset and search YouTube for Theseus in 360 degrees and see for yourself.

The game’s price and exact release date is unknown at the time of this posting, but Forge Reply promises it will drop sometime this Summer for the PlayStation VR.


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