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Climb a Virtual Mountain in Everest VR

Everest VR may have slid underneath your radar this week, but it is out now on the PlayStation Store (cannot find it in the North American store). In five different scenarios, you will climb the mountain that has claimed the lives of many, and it may be the best way to experience the dangerous ascent, especially if you have the stunning physique of someone who sits at a desk too much.

Once you reach the top, you will unlock God Mode. This will let you see see the mountains from 1500x scale or as a less divine human size to see parts of the mountain you would not normally be able to view.

Everest VR may be the closest we ever come to climbing a mountain, and it may make for an interesting experience. Although not exactly what our own Kyle Durant was looking for when he wrote about the non-gaming potential of the PSVR (definitely worth a read), these smaller steps may still push us forward to something larger than the actual Everest.

With the anniversary of PSVR next month, maybe we will begin to see more of Sony’s vision for the future.

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