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Code Vein Will Be Bandai Namco’s Announcement Tomorrow

UPDATE: We were right about the announcement, but we were wrong about the new trailer. We have scoured the internet and realized our mistake. If you head over to Bandai Namco’s site, they have more detailed screenshots and information about the game, including this red-eyed young man with the pointy fashion sense.

Original Story

Last week, Bandai Namco dropped a teaser for their new game with only #PrepareToDine at the end of the video and promising a reveal trailer on April 20th. Famitsu has already spilled the beans on the new game and dropped some scant, but tantalizing details.

Coming from the God Eater team, Code Vein is set in a world destroyed by the “thorns of judgment” that have cut into the earth itself. The super powered survivors are known as Revenants, and they live in Vein. With great powers come memory loss and great thirst, and the Revenants need blood to keep from turning into the Lost. Imagine a more lethal version of your hangry self for a good idea of what to expect.

Since you will be a Revenant in Vein, you will need to uncover the mystery of why everything went downhill, and it would be nice to know why you crave blood. In order to keep dishing out the damage to the Lost, your weapons will actually puncture them and feed you their blood. These Blood Veils will take different forms when they materialize, and it will even create a mask for you.

This cheery type of adventure is crying out for companionship, and you will be able to take a Buddy along with you. Not only will they have skills to help you in combat, they can act on their own, but you will still need to help them. Just like any post-apocalyptic quest, a relationship can grow between you and your Buddy. We have already had a Buddy, so any new ones have to meet this same high bar of excellence.

The action RPG is about 35% complete, and it is slated for 2018. We are crossing our fingers that this game will be released for the PS4, since that is still not confirmed. Until we know more, enjoy these scans from Famitsu, and come back tomorrow for the official announcement trailer.

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