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Combat Motorcycle Game, Road Rage, Gets Release Date & Open World Trailer

Car combat games have been far and few between recently which is why we’re excited to report that Road Rage has a concrete release date, of November 15th, and a new trailer. The title is an open-world, melee-based combat, motorcycle racing game that takes place in the world of Ashen. Gangs run rampant and players have no choice but to join one and “clean up” the city of Chitaly, the suburbs of Ruscago, and the outlying Farmlands .

There will be forty two story missions and over fifty side missions to take part in. Along with a range of characters to play as, unique neighborhoods to explore, and weapon and bike customization. Road Rage will cost $39.99 / £29.99 / €39.99. We hope this game does the vehicular combat genre proud and you can view the trailer below.

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Dead Good Media Press Release

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