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Command Supernatural Allies in The Lost Child

A new trailer materialized for The Lost Child today, and it focuses on your companions, the Astrals. Composed of angels, fallen angels, and demons, you can use your Gangour (demon gun; just go with it) to capture these creatures when you are fighting them. After forcibly recruiting them, you can put them to work as your new team.

There are over 50 of these powerful entities, and each has three different forms for you to power up. These mythological marvels will fight by your side and gain new abilities. Picking the right Astral is a matter your personal preference and ensuring they can hit the enemy’s elemental weaknesses for extra damage.

There are other systems to make your new friends even stronger. Transfer a skill to round out abilities, or combine them into one attack. After you max them out, reset their skills to the beginning, but boost their base stats significantly.

For those of you who haven’t watched the trailer (we strongly recommend it), The Lost Child has a Shin Megami Tensei feel. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, a new dungeon crawler in that style is very exciting. It doesn’t hurt that it seems to have an interesting story about a journalist investigating suicides being pulled into a holy war between heaven and hell.

New information was posted on the official website today, so you can read more details about the world and systems. With about two months left, The Lost Child will launch on June 19th in the US and June 22nd in the EU.


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