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Have a Concrete Christmas in Surviving Mars

We have never experienced so much variety in console gaming. Even the once impossible strategy game and city builders are coming to the PS4. Surviving Mars is one of the city builders that will be touching down in 2018. It puts you in charge of building a successful colony on Mars and not killing everyone. That is probably in the job requirements somewhere.

Taking visual cues from 1960s sci-fi, Surviving Mars lets you choose your space agency and start creating a world of tomorrow. There are the usual new technologies to research, but the colonists will react to your decisions too. Your scientists can become alcoholics. It’s more of a part-time job that could be the end of your happy dome.

Paradox is claiming that the game will offer plenty of challenge and replayability. Every round will have a secret you need to discover while trying to make sure there is enough oxygen and power.

It is in development with Haemimont Games, the people who brought you some of the Tropico games. They are so dedicated to realism that they used actual NASA photos of Mars to build the terrain where your future failed colony will start.

Take a look at the newest trailer at the top, and be sure to watch the gameplay trailer for a better idea of how the game will run. You will need to prepare for when Surviving Mars releases next year. Like your family’s house during the holidays, Mars is a harsh and unforgiving place.


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