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Creepy Episodic Narrative Coming Next Year in The Council

Despite the success of the Marvel movies, most people like a good story. Telltale Games has made truckloads of cash telling stories in games. With its success, it was only a matter of time before more companies would duplicate the business model. Dontnod created Life is Strange, and we have a new game announced today.

The Council puts players in a secret society in 1793. The membership for the Louis de Richet is a who’s who of who’s who for the time, including George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. The trailer tells players that there is some kind of conspiracy or trap and a murder seems to have occurred.

From the limited info we have, you will be interacting with other members and trying to influence them with your skills. Manipulating these powerful people will be a challenge, but you may not survive without expanding your social influence.

There will be a five episode arc, with the first episode, “The Mad Ones”, releasing in February. The trailer looks very interesting and has some sinister overtones we cannot help but find alluring.

Will The Council give Telltale Games’ other properties (The Wolf Among Us 2!) some strong competition in 2018? We hope so, because you can never have too many good stories in games.

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