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Criterion Confirms There is No PSVR Mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Well doesn’t this just suck balls? Criterion did a fairly decent job with the PSVR’s X-Wing mission for Star Wars Battlefront on PS4, so much so that we assumed that we’d get a little more VR goodness in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case.

Speaking with Metro, Criterion’s Matt Webster has confirmed that there will be no VR mode in the upcoming shooter. When asked by Metro’s Game Central if there is any VR content in Battlefront 2, Webster replied with a simple “there is no VR”. Well. Bugger us.

It’ll come as a massive blow to PSVR fans who were looking forward to Criterion expanding on its first VR outing, but never say never. Who knows what EA is working on behind the scenes. Like, c’mon, there has to be a lightsaber PSVR game coming at some point, right? It’d print money forever!


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