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Critique These Limited Edition Ico And Shadow of The Colossus Prints

The debate about games being art will probably go on until the end of time, but we can all agree that the art in games can reach even the most left-brained among us. It can push the experience in ways that gameplay and words cannot, and who doesn’t like a well-timed, artistically-relevant explosion?

There are two limited edition prints available for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Both are museum grade giclee prints. We had to google it too, so don’t feel bad. Basically, they are very high quality.

The image for Ico is based on the box art for the original game, and it measures 40 cm high and 28 cm wide (approximately 15.75 inches by 11 inches). The image for Shadow of the Colossus is based on the first image shown of the game, and it was not used outside Japan. It measures 40 cm high and 34 cm wide (approximately 15.75 inches by 13.38 inches).  Both are limited to 500 copies, and they are hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity, just like all the Elvis plates your Aunt Edna bought on a shopping-at-home channel.

Before you throw your credit card at the screen, you should know that they are $95 each, and you can choose to purchase them with a frame. They do look great, and they would be perfect for a gamer looking to decorate their office at home. The link to Ico can be found here, and the link to the Shadow of the Colossus can be found here. If you find any other game art you think we should have on our walls, leave us link in the comments.

ico shadow_of_the_colossus


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