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Cryptic Tweet Might Suggest DiRT Rally 2 is in the Pipeline

Something funny is going on across Codemasters’ Twitter accounts, leading fans to speculate that a much loved game might be getting a sequel pretty soon.

All this excitement stems from a single tweet that went live across a number of Codemasters’ own pages, namely the Dirt series, Onrush and their central account. It merely read 2.0, but was enough to send the rumour train into overdrive. Although it wasn’t long until another piece of puzzle seemingly slotted into place, potentially revealing the news once and for all.

Onrush suspiciously deleted their version of the message. However, the clue was also found to have been published on the Official World Rallycross Twitter account, whose licence is held by the company. But more specifically, is integrated into… DiRT Rally.

Therefore, on that logic, 2.0+2.0 appears to equal DiRT Rally 2(.0). Or at least it does on our calculator.

The release windows seem to align as it has been two and a bit years since the first released. But we’ll be waiting to see those little blue lines before we start thinking about due dates.

Are you ready to retake the joker lap? Kick up some mud in the box below. 



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