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Ctrl PSVR Launch Trailer Released (It’s Not Very Exciting…)

We’re big proponents of PSVR here at Pure PlayStation. The guy sat at his desk writing this news article at the stroke of midnight is probably the biggest PSVR on the site. Yet even we’re struggling to see the point in Ctrl for PSVR.

Ctrl isn’t a game, but it’s launching for the PSVR. It’s a 20-minute long story about some dweeby looking lad who plays a weird not-chess-but-looks-like-chess game in a VR e-sports tournament. It looks boring as hell, basically, but you can watch it all unfold as you take your place in the front row of the stadium. Yay? Sorry, but we’d rather just, you know, play a bloody VR game instead of paying to watch someone else play a pretend one.

The launch trailer is up above if you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about. It’s normally at the end of the article that we’d suggest checking back in for our review on whatever game it is we’re writing about, but on this occasion we’ll just say goodnight, sleep tight, see you in the mornin’.

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