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Dark Eclipse for PSVR Gets a New Trailer and a Release Window

Remember Dark Eclipse for PSVR? We wrote about it quite a while back. It was the game that had a really 90’s website, though that’s beside the point.

The game has a new trailer that has come out of this year’s Tokyo Games Show, and with the trailer comes some new information. For one, we now know that the game is a multiplayer online strategy battle game made for PSVR. A real-time strategy MOBA, if you will. The game is going to release at some point in 2018, not 2017 as the developer previously stated on its now-dead website. At the time of writing there isn’t even a hint as to when in the year; it hasn’t even been given a season. C’mon, at least something like ‘Spring 2018’ so we can plan our lives accordingly…

In the game, players control three characters, build towers to defend their base, and attack the enemy base with the aim of destroying it to be crowned the victor. Sounds simple enough.

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