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Dark Souls 3 Update Version 1.04 Out Today on PS4, Full Patch Notes Inside

Brace yourselves, Dark Souls 3 players, as there’s a new update today for PS4 that may or may not turn folks the wrong way. From Software has released the latest update for its highly acclaimed Dark Souls 3 with update version 1.04 on PS4.

The new update makes performance adjustments for Greatsword, though nothing is mentioned as to whether it’s getting buffed or not, and From Software isn’t sharing any particulars but instead leaving players to find out for themselves. There’s also a few fixes for numerous issues where items don’t work properly at certain points in the game. The full patch notes can be read below:

Dark Souls 3 Version 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Performance adjustment for Greatsword.
  • Battle performance adjustment for Dancer’s Enchanted Sword and Winged Knight Twinaxes.
  • Performance adjustments for Soul’s Greatsword and Farron Flashsword.
  • Fix for issue where multiple items become impossible to use at Road of Sacrifices, Farron Keep, Cathedral of the Deep after clearing the game.

While it’s a bit of a bummer that the developers aren’t too forthcoming with the patch notes, it’s worth pointing out that there won’t be any server downtime as the update goes live around the world.

Noticed anything we should know about with Dark Souls 3’s latest update? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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