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Dark Souls 3’s Launch Trailer Has Launched

It seems like this day has been a long time coming, unless you’re from Japan in which case you probably have it a while now, but Dark Soul 3 is finally out in the USA and Europe. The developers, From Software, have decided to celebrate the launch the only way they know how: by launching a launch day trailer. Well, they’ll probably also throw a massive bender and invite all their developer friends, but for the time being we’re just concerned with the trailer.

The trailer is amazing. It shows off many of the game’s environments, weapons, enemies, bosses and cool new move sets. Oh and we even spotted Dark Souls’ equivalent of Oblivion’s giant mud-crab, exciting times. If you’re wondering what the song in the background is its In The Woods Somewhere by Hozier. As always the trailer is below, so check that out and enjoy. Although if you already have the game then what are you doing here? Go play!


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