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Dark Souls Trilogy Announced, Includes Dark Souls Remaster

The critically acclaimed and universally loathed/loved Dark Souls Trilogy is to be released in a three disc bundle towards the end of this year. And it will include the recently released remaster of Dark Souls 1.

In addition to the original, the collection will also include Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition, not to mention all the updates and DLC to grace the three since their original release.

However, although we can’t deny that the bundle is something special, it is slightly bemusing that this news has dropped after the first’s remaster launched in shops on the PS4; we can’t help but feel that a proportion of the folks who bought that would have been interested in having all three in the same place, so to speak, but who will now not fancy having to pay out for it again.

It will also pose a quandary to any joint console Switch owners as it launches on the same day as Dark Souls 1, which was delayed, but will only be available on the PS4 or XBox One.

The Dark Souls Trilogy launches on October 19th. Be ready to git gud.

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